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Bookend quotes

These quotes are just examples and/or for inspiration. If you have a quote you'd like to be used instead, feel free to let me know when you request the order. Do keep in mind the size of the item you're requesting when selecting a quote.


"Be you. Do you. For you."

 "The best things in life are not free, just priceless."

 "The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning." - Ivy Baker

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." - Maori Proverb

" may not always be easy but it's always worth living." - Melanie Race (partial quote) 


"To love is nothing. To be loved is something. To love and be loved is everything."

"You feel like home."

"We were together. I forget the rest." - Walt Whitman

"You are my today and all of my tomorrows." - Leo Christopher

"Where there is love, there is life." - Ghandi

"I love you to the moon and back."

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and in reach of every hand." - Mother Teresa 

"The loving are the daring." - Longfellow 


"Friends are the family you choose."

"Many people will walk in and out or your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."

"A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose, and impossible to forget." 

"Where there are friends there are riches."

"We need at least one friend who understands what we do not say." - Dr. Sunwolf

Wisdom, Inspiration, & Character

"If you get tired learn to rest not to quit."

"Those who leave everything in God’s hands will eventually see god’s hands in everything."

"We are a product of our thoughts."

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

"Being happy never goes out of style." 

"The sky is not the limit nor are the stars." 

Education, POetry, & the Arts

"Educating the mind without educating the soul is no education at all." - Aristotle

"Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one." - Stella Adler

"Poetry begins in delight and ends in wisdom." - Robert Frost 

"Music is love in search of words."

"One learns through the heart not the eyes or intellect." - Mark Twain


"Better an oops than a what if"

"Live every day as if it were your last and then some day you’ll be right."

"When choosing between two evils I always like to take the one I’ve never tried before." - Mae West 

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." - Oscar Wilde 

"If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live." - Lin Yutang 

My Own Thoughts

"Life- A series of unfortunate events that we are fortunate enough to have." 

"Love- That which makes you whole." 

"Some people live in order to love, some love in order to live." 


"From sorrow comes gratitude, from gratitude wisdom, from wisdom understanding, from understanding joy." 

"Take a stumbling block and turn it into a stepping stone." 

Family & Home

"Home is where the heart is."

"Home is where your story begins."

"Love grows here."

"Our family - a work of heart"

"Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family."

"Family is forever."

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