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Please share your experience with me and others.  Tell others how you made someone's day with a special handmade gift you got here, how someone made your day with something handmade they got you from here, or how you made your day when you purchased something handmade for yourself.  Just click on the blue link beside "Are you a satisfied customer?" and share your handmade Pieces of Me story.

Quotes My mom makes the best jewelry. I love telling people that my mom makes wonderful handmade crafts. She thinks of herself as a person who just does this for fun but everyone knows she is not just an artist but a VERY UNIQUE artist. Love you mom. Quotes
Aniston Huff
Kimberly's Daughter

Quotes Kim's art and jewelry allow us to enjoy her creativity. Everyone that I have shared her pieces with have felt they were among the best gifts they ever received. Quotes
President, WREN

Quotes Kimberly made me a pair of hand painted earrings. They are so unique and beautiful. I enjoy buying things that noone else will have and she provides this. I am a SATISFIED customer for life!!! Quotes
Kelli Burns

Quotes I've had many great experiences making pieces that make others smile or that celebrate milestones and memories in the lives of others. Thank you to all who've made that happen so far. Quotes
Kimberly Huff
little artist, BIG DREAMS