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Who I  Am


My name is Kimberly Huff. I do not know what exactly defines an artist or if I fit that definition but my kids have always called me one. Whether that's accurate or not I do not know but I do know, however, I have been creative for as long as I can remember. I create when the mood strikes.  I rarely sit down to make myself be creative.  If I do, my work feels forced and uninspired.  My favorite handmade pieces have come from an "ah, hah" moment, an emotion or feeling, or anything I see that sparks an idea.   I often use ordinary objects and creatively change their purpose.  Bricks become handmade bookends and windows become frames for paper fields.  I work with all sorts of mediums: chalk pastels, colored pencils, acrylic paints, paper, photography, and more.  I create personalized items, hand drawn logos, hand painted bookends, original decoupage address books and journals, paintings, drawings, and multi-media pieces.  I can't really say that I have a particular style of art or even a favorite medium but I am most commonly inspired by nature.  That inspiration sometimes manifests itself through art, other times through poetry.  I purge my creativity with whatever is available to me at the moment.  I'll paint on wood or canvas, I'll paint on stone, I’ll turn pieces of paper into a picture, or I'll put pen to paper and write it down.  Any way it comes is fine with me, but I am not myself when I hold it in.  

                                                                                  -Kimberly Huff


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Always Changing

Thank you for visiting my site.  As I make new pieces I will be making every effort to update the site with photographs and information. Become a member and recieve updates automatically or check the section at the top of the page periodically.

I'm happy to say that many of the handmade jewelry items I have made have sold but that doesn't mean they're not available.  Just let me know that you'd like one too and I will make it happen as closely as I can. However if an art piece is sold, it's just sold.  I won't recreate an art piece. Most of what I do in the way of the handmade bookends is by special order and that makes it personal and special for the person receiving.  Please contact me to place your very own handmade, custom order and see my Bookend Quotes page if you need help finding just the right something to say.

Keep coming back and thank you for your interest and support.

Secondary website for handmade bridal accessories and special handmade wedding touches designed by Kimberly Huff. Click the link above and unlock your Twisted Bliss.