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My Handmade Story

What began as a pastime has evolved into something more.  What was once a far off dream seems now within reach. Over 20 years ago I turned my back on art school to pursue a path "more practical."  Not long after I took a detour when I met my husband to be.  I took a new path when we married and quickly started a family.  Since that time I have been a stay at home mom using my creative abilities to make our house a home, wherever that has been, and to teach and entertain our two beautiful children with those same abilities.  Over the years I've produced a handful of handmade pieces and just recently put them out for the world to see.  A spark set afire the creativty inside and I began to do  more, to try new things, and to let my mind work as it was created, seeing things for what I could turn them into.  The result: someone took notice and I was invited to be featured as the artist of the month in Scoop magazine's December issue.  Now others have taken notice and I have continued to create, to just let it out.  I want everything I make to be a piece of me, whether I am making a handmade bookend, a handmade pair of earrings, a handmade journal, or a painting, whatever it is.  I want the things I make to be a creative use of something ordinary or a beautiful depiction of things that the world mistakes as ordinary or so common place that they've forgotten to take notice. I want people to find art in ordinary things.  I want to create handmade pieces that reuse, repurpose, and recycle what might otherwise be discarded.  I love what has been created and hope that what I produce helps to preserve it and to help others to do the same while appreciating the beauty and value of everything Made.  Now it seems I'm on a new path.  I am in good company with the support of my husband and children as well as those who have been in my life from the beginning or friends that are like family who have joined up along the way.  Perhaps this new path will lead me full the path not taken all those years ago.